A Glacier Park wedding in video.

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As we go through all of the stunning photographs of this season’s weddings and get ready to post all new 2013 Real Wedding galleries (yay!), we thought we’d share this little teaser from Montana wedding videographers, 2Twenty2 Productions.  Shirstie and Eric of 2Twenty2 spent a July weekend with us to capture the very happy, very playful wedding of Sean and Jessica, and this is their short edit of the ceremony.  Enjoy!  (And keep your eyes peeled for our totally jaw-dropping 2013 Real Wedding galleries, coming very soon.)

A Website Update.

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Why, hello!

Glacier Park Weddings Website Update

Our website, as you may have noticed, was temporarily down for a few weeks (eek!) as a result of a server crash.  And now, thanks to many long hours of work rebuilding our lost website, we’ve put most of the essential information back in place.  We’re still working on updating photos, real wedding galleries and past blog posts, so keep checking in — all of it should be back up and running very shortly!

(Take it from us: be sure to check with your website hosting company as to whether they have viable backups of your site in the instance that their servers crash and lose all of your files! And then go home straight away to double- and triple-backup your website too.)

Thanks for your patience as we work to restore our website and get you all of the information you’re looking for.  Of course, be sure to contact us in the meantime — we’re still here, and our 2014 dates are booking up quickly!


The Glacier Park Weddings team

‘The Bachelor’ comes to Montana & Glacier National Park.

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We loved watching tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, filmed right here in our Montana backyard.  Although we admit we tend more toward the Downton Abbey camp, we couldn’t resist watching The Bachelor himself and his cohort of ladies exploring Montana’s Glacier National Park, picnicking in the mountains, paddling canoes, riding horses, strolling around Whitefish, and in general gushing over the scenery that we’re so lucky to see from our desks!


‘The Bachelor’ in Montana | Photo courtesy of @SeanLowe09

Although we don’t typically milk goats ourselves, this episode of The Bachelor certainly did not exaggerate Montana’s totally stunning peaks and lakes and pine trees:


Inspired by what you saw of the Glacier and Whitefish area on The Bachelor tonight?  We love to share all of it with our guests, our honeymooners, our brides and grooms.  Check out our venue for a Glacier National Park wedding and our packages for a Montana honeymoon!

New Real Wedding Gallery: Lindsey + Cesar!

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New Real Wedding Gallery: Lindsey + Cesar!

Another (digital) package recently arrived in our inbox from another of our oh-so-talented photographer friends, and as soon as we saw the first photo, we couldn’t wait to share.  Take a peek at this little sample from the wedding of our smiley 2012 couple, Lindsey + Cesar, and then be sure to check out their entire gallery on our Real Weddings page:


The happy couple in the mountains | (c) Eye in the Sky Photography

Photographers Kene and Ryan of Eye in the Sky Photography went (quite literally) above and beyond to document every moment of this wedding.  At one point, we looked over to see Ryan climbing a pine tree in his suit and bow tie, equipment in tow, in order to get these gorgeous bird’s-eye shots of Lindsey walking down our wooded path toward the aisle and guests assembled in the ceremony meadow with the peaks of Glacier National Park in the background:


The bride walks down a wooded path to the aisle | (c) Eye in the Sky Photography


A bird’s eye view of the ceremony meadow | (c) Eye in the Sky Photography

Taking her inspiration from all of the colors of wildflowers in the woods and mountains of Montana, Lindsey imbued every detail with bright colors and rustic DIY style.  Habitat Floral Studio designed colorful wildflower bouquets for the girls and centerpieces accented by driftwood collected by the bride and groom.  Bridesmaids and napkins and favor bags came in pink and orange and blue and purple.  Guests were given custom pint glasses decorated with the silhouettes of Montana (the bride’s home) and the Philippines (the groom’s home), and were invited to take home a bag of colorful candies from the old-fashioned candy bar.


Colorful bridesmaids and wildflower bouquets | (c) Eye in the Sky Photography


Wildflower and driftwood centerpieces | (c) Eye in the Sky Photography


A rustic old-fashioned candy bar | (c) Eye in the Sky Photography

We absolutely adored working with this creative and cheerful couple.  Check out the rest of their wedding gallery, as well as the galleries of our other fantastic couples, our Real Weddings page!

How to make the perfect holiday hot chocolate.

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Every Christmas Eve, before we settle in for our intimate dinner of fish and asparagus, we invite a few friends and neighbors over for a festive happy hour.  We’ve become rather famous among our younger holiday guests for a particularly special treat: absolutely perfect hot chocolate.

Here are our essential (not so) secret ingredients:


Droste Cocoa in a vintage tin.


Steamed milk.


Homemade whipped cream.

These hot chocolates are so fine that have been lauded in the poetry of one of our seven-year-old neighbors.  So if you’re gathering your favorite people together today, you might seriously consider adding these to the menu.  Here’s how to make them:

Start with Dutch Process Cocoa (we love Droste), which is less acidic, smoother and easier to dissolve than ‘natural’ cocoa.  Spoon some into a mug and mix with a bit of sugar (ratios are, thankfully, explained on the Droste box).

Whip up cream until peaks form (but stop before you make butter, the way my mother does when she gets distracted chatting with her girlfriends).

Steam milk with the wand on your espresso machine or warm milk in a saucepan on the stove.  Add a tiny splash of hot milk into the cocoa mix, and stir to create a paste.  Then fill the mug with more hot milk, stirring to dissolve the dark cocoa paste.

Spoon a little mound of whipped cream atop the cocoa and garnish with a candy cane.


A dollop of whipped cream.


Garnished with a candy cane.

The finished product — which is, if we do say so ourselves, a work of art — is unfailingly met with bright, wide eyes.  And if you have something to celebrate above and beyond the holidays (a Christmastime, Winter Solstice or New Year engagement, perhaps?), add a touch of Irish Creme for your older guests, or mix up a super festive sparkling cocktail.  And then, of course, share your happy news with us right away.