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Liane & Vince

Liane and Vince came to Glacier Park Weddings at the Great Northern for a simple and beautiful elopement.

It was just the two of them and that is all they wanted. They wanted to have an experience together, just the two of them, not a big ceremony and a huge reception. They wanted to let go of a tradition and to be brave enough to be in charge of their day and their love.


Liane and Vince had a very simple ceremony, had a small cake to cut and a glass of champagne and then headed into Glacier National Park for some beautiful photos at Lake McDonald. After their photos, they came back to the Great Northern and enjoyed each other for the rest of their evening. Weddings don’t need to be big and superfluous, they can be just easy and beautiful. Liane and Vince certainly showed both their style and their love with each other on their elopement day.

Photos by: Jennifer Mooney Photography.




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